Born and raised in East Anglia, Helenofnorwich began working as an artist after moving to Norwich. She first began by recording and exhibiting photographs of local people.
Her early work explored the female form. Six women volunteers were photographed
naked in natural light. The resulting exhibition 'real women' was shown as part of the Norwich fringe festival.
Commissions arose from this and she began to work professionally creating portraits both clothed and unclothed.
Her interest in the nature of human beings and their interactions colours her work and in 2009 she invited the public to come forward to be photographed with their family.  A broad range of people came forward with what they considered to be their family whether that be animals, friends, step parents or traditional nuclear families.
She has always loved to photograph people with their dogs and in 2006 she had her first photograph of a dog published in the Guardian. She also began a long term project to document people whose dogs had helped them overcome a difficulty.
Her most recent exhibition was a set of portraits taken at the house of transgender counsellor Barbara Ross. All the models were transgendered people and the resulting exhibition was shown as part of the Norwich Pride arts trail in 2010.